Shaban international

Welcome to Shaban International, a trailblazer in the world of overseas employment promotion. As Giga Creatives, we are honored to collaborate with Shaban International, an esteemed organization dedicated to connecting skilled professionals with international opportunities.

Shaban International serves as a bridge between talent and global enterprises, offering a comprehensive range of services to both job seekers and employers. With a proven track record of successful placements, Shaban International takes pride in transforming lives and fostering a diverse global workforce.

Their team of experienced recruiters ensures seamless recruitment processes, matching exceptional candidates with the right positions across various industries. Whether it’s skilled labor, technical expertise, or managerial positions, Shaban International’s expertise in overseas employment promotion is unparalleled.

Project Challenges

Pioneering overseas employment promotion demanded overcoming various challenges. Ensuring effective communication between employers and candidates from different cultural backgrounds was essential. Our collaboration with Shaban International involved designing a user-friendly platform that fosters seamless interactions while promoting career opportunities globally.

Addressing legal and regulatory aspects of international placements was another critical challenge. Shaban International’s commitment to ethical recruitment practices required thorough research and compliance with international labor laws, safeguarding the rights and interests of both employers and job seekers.

At Giga Creatives, we are proud to support organizations like Shaban International that champion talent and create opportunities on a global scale. Shaban International’s exceptional services exemplify the power of connecting dreams with international career pathways.

Date 30 July, 2023 Client Themeforest, Envato Website Location New York, USA Value $26500
Main Office:
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Reginal Office:
Gulberg 3 Lahore, Pakistan
[email protected]
US:+1 661 5484 012
PK:+92 322 7962 314
Mon - Fri: 2 Pm to 10 Pm
Sat- Sun: Closed


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